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Call for Papers – Deadline: 31. Oktober 2017

„Wir rechnen wieder mit einem erstklassigen Programm und einer stark frequentierten Posterausstellung“ so Bernd Hömberg, Organisator der Tagung Kraftwerk Batterie.

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Themen 2018

1. Lithium ion cells: materials and improvements on properties

  • Active components (positive electrode materials, negative electrode materials)
  • Inactive components: electrolytes (solid, liquid, polymer and hybrid electrolyte systems), separators, housings, binders, additives, current collectors
  • Advances in power and energy density
  • Progress in cost reduction
  • New electrode and cell design: concepts and performance
  • Calendar life and cycle life
  • Safety: analysis and improvements on material and cell level
  • Theory, fundamentals and microscopic models
  • Theoretical, fundamental and microscopic models
  • New and advanced analytic methods in laboratories

2. Beyond and beside lithium-ion technology

  • Lithium/air, lithium/sulfur, lithium metal batteries
  • Non-lithium technologies (aluminum, calcium, potassium, sodium, magnesium, zinc, dual ion, etc.)
  • Progress on other battery technologies (any technology potentially suited for automotive or stationary applications)
  • Flow-batteries
  • Supercapacitors (incl. hybrids)

3. Batteries for 12 V and 48 V power systems

  • Requirements
  • Functional safety
  • Advances in lead-acid batteries, incl. technology, management and diagnostics
  • Field experience and results of SLI batteries
  • Lithium-based batteries for SLI applications
  • Hybrids of lead-acid and lithium-based batteries
  • Hybrids of batteries and supercapacitors

4. Battery systems

  • Battery aging (experimental investigations, modeling, lifetime prediction, etc.)
  • Battery modeling (electrical, thermal, mechanical, performance, lifetime, parameterization, etc.)
  • Parametrization: impedance and physico-chemical approaches
  • Battery diagnostics (SOC, SOH, aging, performance, etc.)
  • Battery management: cell balancing, charge and thermal management, etc.)
  • Test procedures and results from field and laboratory tests on lifetime, performance and safety
  • Reliability of different battery pack designs

5. Automotive and mobile applications

  • Novel use of battery storage systems in automotive applications (requirements, solutions, future technologies, etc.)
  • Future on-board power supply technologies (12 V, 48 V, micro and mild hybrids, topologies, etc.)
  • Impact of ultra-fast charging on battery cell and system design
  • Combined battery systems (lead-acid, supercapacitors, li-ion, etc.)
  • Heavy-duty, public transport and off-road applications
  • Field experience, lifetime and reliability data, new technologies/applications, requirements and solutions to new applications

6. Stationary battery systems

  • Storage systems for grid stabilization, PV home storage, power supply for fast charging, teaming-up several services to one system, etc.
  • Second life / second use concepts, long-term storage of batteries
  • Field experience, operational strategies, lifetime, sizing tools, etc.
  • Vehicle to grid (PHEV and EV as grid elements)
  • Hardware challenges beyond the battery system (power electronics, safety, BMS hardware, EMV, etc.)

7. Production and recycling of battery systems and cells

  • Machinery and procedures for battery and cell manufacturing
  • Production process design
  • Optimized battery pack design (efficient production, new technologies)
  • Recycling (all relevant battery materials)
  • Scenarios for battery costs, production capacities, markets

8. Markets

  • Market overview (capacity, manufacturer, chemistries, cell designs, etc.)
  • Market forecast (automotive, stationary, consumables) for different regions and the world
  • Availability of raw materials

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