Dr.-Ing. Frank Köster

koesterGraduate chemical engineer
Born in 1961
Manager of ‘Future Fuels and Drives Network’,
EnergyAgency North Rhine-Westphalia since 2005


Study of chemical engineering at Dortmund University; focus on energy management, industrial organic chemistry, fluid engineering

Study for a PhD in energy process technology/fluid mechanics at Dortmund University



Research assistant at Dortmund University, project leader industry (optimisation of DENOx reactors)
Project leader main department of technology, Stahlwerk Dortmund, Krupp Hoesch Stahl AG
Head of Division environmental management and chemical process engineering for disposal engineering at Institut für Bodensanierung, Wasser- und Luftanalytik, Iserlohn
Project leader Management Consultant, IMPAC, Ltd, Dublin
Project leader/senior consultant agiplan GmbH, Muelheim
Manager of ‘Fuels and Drives of the Future Network’, EnergyAgency North Rhine-Westphalia, in contract Ministry for Climate Protection, Environment, Agriculture, Conservation and Consumer Protection of the State of North Rhine-Westphalia
Deputy Manager Model Region Electric Mobility Rhine-Ruhr



Field of expertise

  • Management of ‘Future Fuels and Drives Network’ with focus on alternative fuels, innovative engines and electric mobility
  • Strategies for introduction alternative fuels (including manufacturing) and engines of car fleets
  • Coordination of environmental monitoring research for model region electric mobility program of the BMVI
  • Coordination of the regional innovation network ‘model region material flow Rhineland’ (with CLIB2021, DGAW)
  • German – Chinese exchange in alternative drives and fuels sincs 2006 Co-operation NRW Wuhan

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